Architectural Services

How do ensure that your workplace and software are perfectly aligned? With a relevant Architecture in place!

Each software product faces some key challenges that must be tackled before it enters the market. With the help of a smart Software Architecture, you can make the software robust, portable and ready for cross platform use. This will not only increase the acceptability of the product by the masses but also boost business profitability by several folds.

The same applies to your office ecosystem which should be optimized with the changing age and computing needs. Our Architectural services help you win at this game!

System Architecture

Our System Architecture Services follow a step-by-step procedure through which we analyze, design, evaluate and evolve the architecture for you.

We closely examine the documentation, functional and non-functional requirements and the core needs of the software, in order to design an architecture that complements the intended goals of the software. The architecture will continue to help you improve the software, iterate it and meet business expectations easily.

Architecture Development Process:

  • Analyze
  • Design
  • Evaluate
  • Evolve

After this we create the most suitable architecture for your software and guide you on the framework, platform and design choices that are crucial for success. Being your technology partner, we assign highly experienced software architects to work alongside your team and provide you with a solution that wins on all kinds of soils.

Technology Roadmap

At CoreScripts, we offer technology roadmap consulting as one of our key services to help your business achieve an optimum level of workflow efficiency and preparedness to unforeseeable technology hurdles. In almost all modern workplaces, IT systems influence how quickly, effectively and economically business objectives will be met. We help you decide what kind of technology will optimize all these factors and make your workplace run at its full productivity.

With a technology roadmap, you can:

  • Manage technological resources cost-effectively
  • Meet technology requirements with optimum solutions
  • Improve the business workflow efficiency
  • Be prepared for calamities with Backups and Contingency planning

Hence, our technology roadmapping services will guide your business to technical prowess and create an office space that meets its business requirements like no other. This is done with an elaborate assessment of your business needs such as software tools, system architecture etc and then offering spot-on future-ready solutions.