Testing and QA

After the development of the software product is done, it’s time to make it free of bugs and UX compliant, for which we offer, optimized Testing and Quality Assurance (QA) services.

CoreScripts’ 7 Step Quality Check area:

  1. Functionality - Are the required function available in the software ?
  2. Usability - Is the software easy to use ?
  3. Reliability - How reliable is the software ?
  4. Portability - How easy is to transfer the software to another environment ?
  5. Efficiency - How efficient is the software ?
  6. Maintainability - How easy is to modify software ?
  7. Security - How secure is our software?

With a stringent 7 Step Quality Assurance Process, we leave no stone unturned when it comes to offering nothing but the most qualitatively engineered product to you.

The same measures are taken while testing the product for several of its features. We have more elaborately explained our QA and Testing methods below.

CoreScripts’ Comprehensive Testing Process:

After going through the testing process, product’s functionalities, performance, UX effectiveness and several other specifications are ensured. We use the most popular testing tools such as;


Testing automation is built for increasing the scrutiny of the tests performed on a software product and automate simpler tasks that usually take up a high volume of resources when done manually. It’s a novel approach for obtaining in-depth insights, speeding up the testing phase and getting granular test reports while reducing the overall costs. We offer advanced testing automation made possible via state-of-the-art tools that can find software defects and broken pieces of codes much more comprehensively. When coupled with human inspection, automated testing can ensure that product is completely devoid of any loopholes and minimum rate of error is achieved.

At CoreScripts, testing automation is one of our key services that help you gain an edge over the competition. When your product has been tested in detail, the scope of improvement and anticipated performance rises dramatically, allowing you to obtain desired results from your product.


When your products perform better, they feel better and make your business an instant favorite for the customer. Performance is the first non-functional characteristic that your end users notice and relate to the reputation of your product. Our performance testing service measures the factors that affect the performance of your product under various conditions and how it can be optimized for enhanced results.

Our performance testing approach incorporates various components such as:

  • Load Testing
  • Soak Testing
  • Scalability Testing
  • Web Service Performance Testing

Our Performance Testing process is backed by high-grade industry tools such as New Relic and ANTS Performance Profiler, so that accurate reporting on performance benchmarks can be taken.

We measure the performance on the basis of software responsiveness, load capabilities, speed and a range of other factors varying from software to software. By detecting key performance inhibitors and validating user interface features, we are able to provide the most valuable insights into the overall performance of your product.