Product Engineering

We provide Product Engineering services that convert your business ideas and workplace solutions into highly-quality engineered products that you can use.

At CoreScripts, we have a balanced team with both experience and skills to provide you with optimum product engineering services. We do this via a reliable system of product delivery that.

  • Follows a well-defined Development Cycle
  • Goes through a rigorous Quality Assurance Process
  • Accelerates development with a Multi-channel Delivery model

This increases our client’s confidence while we ensure their satisfaction through our capabilities. We build products for the Web, Mobile and Analytics as well as offer support for their maintenance.

To optimize performance of existing products, we also offer re-engineering services with a proven track record of boosting software performance up to 60%.

We have an international client base spread in USA and Canada, with growing markets in UK and European countries. Our engineering services compete at the global standards.

Complete list of Product Engineering Services:

  • Web Development
  • Product Development
  • Mobile Application
  • Software Maintenance
  • Software Re-Engineering

Web Development

We accomplish the intricate process of Web Development with the right technology and execution measures.

Packed with an exhaustive skillset, we build web solutions that target your pain points like no other. It starts with by comprehensively assessing your requirements and then choosing the right tools to successfully meet them.

We are adept to core web technologies such as Microsoft powered C#, .NET Core, WCF etc as well as the popular open-source stack including PHP, MySQL, Angular JS and more. Our industry experience always chooses the most suitable stack for you. We also have Rapid Application Development (RAD) process with departmentalized teams.

Our Web Development service is capable of building:

  • Web Applications
  • Single Page Web Applications
  • High Performance Websites
  • Digital Transformation Solutions
  • Web API Development & Integrations
  • Workflow Management Applications

All of this is done in a highly coordinated environment with constant client feedback and iterative improvement process.

Product Development

Do you want a competitive business product that offers path-breaking performance coupled with reduced operational costs? Let us get you started!

At CoreScripts, we offer product development services for a variety of business domains. Whether you’re planning to launch a new mobile app for your business or want a web application for Human Resource Management, we cater to all kinds of development needs.

Our Development Cycle Explained:

This highly interconnected development process for Agile

  • Reduces time to market
  • Saves development costs
  • You get full control on the product development cycle
  • Ensures 100% satisfaction for all the iterations we build
  • Lowers down scope creep

Alongside a fast development process, you get assurance for effective communication on the project using project management software such as MS Projects, JIRA and Basecamp etc.

In the end, your product becomes your success!

Mobile Application

We at CoreScripts cater a wide range of Mobile App solutions to a wider range of clients. Mobile Apps serve a number of internal and external purposes in a business, and we deliver you the most befitting Mobile Apps after studying your requirements.

We deliver Mobile Apps based on based on

To ensure success, our Mobile Apps are developed using Native and Hybrid technologies that meet varying business needs correspondingly. Sometimes, the ISV clients need a robust app as a business product that is feature rich, whereas, at times businesses need an internal tool for tracking employee performance.

In such scenarios, we route to different options for different needs.

Native Apps - Built on Native platforms such as Android and iOS, offering high performance and functionality features.

Hybrid Apps - Lightweight apps built on cross-platform technologies such as HTML, CSS, JavaScript providing low cost development and good enough performance.

Using CoreScripts Mobilization Framework , we ensure that your Mobile App is scalable, portable and performs winningly!

Software Maintenance

Software maintenance is a recurring, time-consuming task. It is of essence that your business runs on up-to-date and error-free software. When not maintained properly, software alone can create a lot of disruption to your work and your business.

CoreScripts handles the software maintenance task with the Dedicated Resource Model, ensuring availability of support, regular maintenance drills and performance up-keep of the software products.

With CoreScripts, your system software runs at full efficiency and provides your business with round-the-clock goal completion.

Software Re-Engineering

Are your business applications going out of scope?

Has their performance decreased with added operational costs?

Getting whole new architecture seems way too difficult?

It’s time you get your software re-engineered with CoreScripts.

Re-engineering refers to an overall improvement of the software to enhance its functionalities and reduce overheads. To be precise, we take your old software product, study it, plan and enhance it, maintain it, fix it - do whatever it takes - to reconstitute and re-engineer it into a brand new and more functional software system.

Our service is made of the following components

  • Reverse Engineering
  • Forward Engineering
  • Restructuring
  • Re-documentation
  • Retargeting

Our Re-engineering Service is focused at

  • Identifying Challenges
  • Providing Documentable Solution Results

Our past Re-engineering projects have helped organizations get rid of old inefficient solutions and transcend to newer effective solutions built with new-age technologies such as Angular JS and Microsoft stack.